The extensive design experience that Jeff Lawrence has compiled over his 30 years in the industry allows him to understand the challenges of any project and provide clients with effective, creative and sustainable solutions. This comprehensive experience has given him an unprecedented depth of understanding which transcends to every project. Lawrence Golf Design creates golf experiences that are technically, strategically and aesthetically sound while meeting the economic, social and environmental needs of golf course owners/developers.


New Design

Comprehensive design capabilities that can take a project from inception through completion, assuring every detail is meticulously managed and implemented to the highest quality.  


From the smallest to the most complex renovations, Lawrence Golf Design has the experience to cover all aspects of any renovation project.


Our depth of experience allows us to provide meaningful, sustainable and practical solutions to any situation, regardless of the size, complexity or challenges it may represent.  


Understanding that each golf course is an individual piece of art, we can respectfully provide valuable insight that will benefit the golf experience while also supporting technical, financial and environmental considerations.

Master Planning

Years of experience of working on a variety of unique sites around the world has gives us the ability to maximize the utilization of land based on the goals of the developer and the opportunities and constraints of each site. 

Feasibility Studies

Respectful, creative and appropriate design vision put forth by our talented team allows each client to fully understand the opportunities of their project.